Team Fun Days

Yearly Fun Day

Plan and organize your upcoming fun day!​ We chose 4 production companies to help you organize your Fun Day from A–Z!* Here is what you need to do:

1. Talk to your HR

Your HR can get you a headcount list so you can understand your budget.

2. Choose a concept

Talk with your team to find out what they expect from your Fun Day and decide your goals.

3. Choose a production company 

Fill out your event brief with all the details and send it to the production company. They’ll send you a business offer. For your convenience, we created a budget table to help you understand if you should accept the offer.

4. Open a purchase order (PO)

Once you’ve accepted the business offer, open a PO in the purchasing system. All the suppliers are already in the system.**

5. Save the date

Once you finalize a date and location, send an invitation to your team. In addition, send a separate invitation to WixWheeen & BeWix with this format: [IL (TEAM NAME) FUN DAY].

6. Update your team

Communicate all the details they need to know about the Fun Day:

  • Pickup Time & Location.

  • Special clothes/shoes they should bring.

  • Any other relevant information.  

For your convenience, use this template we created.

7. Upload invoice

Once your Fun Day is over, upload your invoice to the purchasing system.



Your budget for this fun is 500+ your 100 monthly NIS, so 600 NIS for everything.

Need help with the PO system? Reach out to the finance team.


Team Activities

This is the place for you to find exactly what you need when you want to organize fun activities for your team. 

The suppliers shown are ideas we thought of, if you wish to work with any of them, please make sure that they are listed as suppliers on the system.

Looking for a fun spot for a team get-together? Here are some great locations to get together to work, eat, drink — or all of the above! 

Enjoy fun time under the sun with your team.

We don’t know when the next pandemic will come — so let's be ready, just in case...

Looking for weather control? Try one of these activities.

When you want to do something with your team, but there’s no budget left.

All the best vendors for the best Happy Hours!

For when you can’t meet, but still want to pamper your team.

Has your team already tried something from the list? Share your feedback.