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The teams catalog Q1, 2023

You have 300 NIS/Q  per person, to do something fun with your team - scroll to see what our favourite options are!

Team activities

This time we collected some fun artistic workshops for you to enjoy with your
teams. Some will take place in the office and others in the studios. Enjoy!

Group 150 - in out a.png
Group 157.png
Frame 1160.png

Graffiti tour
& workshop

See amazing works of urban art, and learn how to do it yourself!

Participants: 10-25 participants.

Location: South TLV

Duration: 3h

Cost: 2,500 NIS for a group of up to 15 people; every extra person will be another 150 NIS.

Out of Office

Frame 1159.png

Terrazzo workshop

Get your hands dirty by creating your own colorful terrazzo pieces
of art!

Participants: 6-12 participants.

Location: office - you’ll need to book a meeting room close to a kitchen (available for TLV& Haifa offices)

Duration: 4h

Cost: 280 NIS per person.

In Office

Frame 1164.png

Carpentry workshop

Create a brand new planter stand with your own two hands! 

Participants: 15-25 participants.

Location: Meitar

Duration: 2h

Cost: 180 NIS per person.

Out of Office

Frame 1163.png

Drawing workshop with  Hilla Spitzer

Learn how to use the most basic markers to create beautiful works
of art.

Participants: 8-20 participants.

Location: South TLV

Duration: 3h

Cost: 190 NIS per person

In Office

Frame 1163.png

Art workshops at Two Dots studio

Choose one of three activities:
cross stitching, T-shirt patch design
and pillow decorations.

Participants: 10-25 participants.

Location: office, you’ll need to book
a meeting room.

Duration: Cross stitching 2.5h, patch design and pillow decorations 1.5h

Cost: 280 NIS per person.

In Office

Team happy hour

Introducing the Bidurit - a sound system (and so much more) on wheels that will bring your team’s gatherings to a whole new level.

What is it?

This all-in-one sound system can allow you to customize your next team gathering’s soundtrack! Create a playlist (or choose an existing one) and connect it to this system to add another layer of fun to your activity!

How to use it?

Book            Collect            Refresh            Return

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Friendly reminder

passover box.png

Passover is just around the corner - a great opportunity to get together as a team for a holiday toast! Here are a few recommendations for vendors you can use.

Yaacov Oryah Wines

The best wines to elevate your team's toast.
Tania - 054-7635451
*Kosher, available for all Wix offices.

Amita Bakery

Fresh baked goods, food platters and yummy treats.
Anna - 050-9881126
*Not kosher, available for TLV sites only.

Shaken Cocktails

Make delicious cocktails together as a team or order fresh,

ready-to-drink cocktails
Guy - 054-6933453
*Kosher, available for all Wix offices.

Basher Fromagerie

Cheeses, dips, breads and small bites - the best combination
for a holiday toast.
Yoav - 054-6623388
*Kosher options available, available for all Wix offices.

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